Open Energy Infrastructure Support

This library contains Python 3.8 functions and classes you can use when building Open Energy Data and Service Providers (DP & SP). See github for source code.

Interacting with the OE3 authorization and authentication services as either a consumer or provider of information has some degree of complexity - this library exists to handle these concerns, leaving you to write the business logic without having to manage the details of token management etc.

Code in this library is licensed under the MIT license . Documentation (including this site) is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

Open Energy Phase 3


For definitive information about the Open Energy project, please visit us at - the information presented here is specific to the functions of this library and will not explain the wider OE3 ecosystem.


Fig. 9 Open Energy Map

Library Scope

Fig. 9 above shows the entire Open Energy ecosystem. This library is limited in scope to two elements of the overall architecture:

  1. The Shared Data API Client held within the Service Provider (SP)

  2. The Shared Data API held within the Data Provider (DP)

Depending on your role in the system, you may need to implement either or both of these in your code.

If you are building an internal or customer facing tool to access, present, or analyse, shared energy data, you would need to access secure data APIs through the first of these. See Accessing OE Shared Data

If you have shared energy data and need to share it with other participants in a secure manner within the ecosystem, you will need to implement an appropriately secured shared data API. See Providing OE Shared Data


As an aside, it is entirely possible that you are building a system which will act both as a SP and as a DP, for example a system which aggregates information from multiple data sources and then publishes that processed data set as a DP in its own right.